Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show

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September 24-25, 2016
Aimed at pushing our community to rethink and challenge old racial stereotypes and assumptions, the Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show aspires to advance the black community, seeking to provide an outlet for community support around issues of natural hair, natural health & natural  beauty.

Historically, we have been brainwashed by society, the media, and yes - our own culture into thinking that bone straight or loosely curled (i.e. biracial) hair = 'good' and that black 'kinky' 'coiled' or even 'loc'd' hair = 'bad', because we think it is 'unmanageable' or 'ugly'.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This has adversely affected our sense of self and our standards of beauty.  The sad part is that we've been relaxing and hiding our kinks for so long, quite a few of us have no idea how to take care of our natural hair.  Don't misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with wearing a weave or perm, we just need to know that there are options - we have a choice.

Formerly the Nappy Hair Affair, the Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show exists to cause a shift in such negative mind sets and promote a positive image of people who choose to wear their hair naturally.

This is Canada's only major show on natural hair & beauty for African Caribbean descent people.  This show has been a huge success in its first (2003) and second (2004) years and continues to get bigger and better each year.

This exciting event celebrates everything from natural hair care to hoslistic health and natural beauty tips.  The show has grown from a one day to two day event filled with something for everyone - delicious food, exciting entertainment - performances, hair and fashion showcases, vendor marketplace, educational workshop presentations, hair competitions, as well as activities for children. 

Applying the feedback of attendees, vendors and sponsors from previous years, we have made it our goal to assess and improve our challenges and build upon the strengths of our previous shows.  This equals phenomenal success for everyone!